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Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Giangiulio practices in Newport Beach, CA, where he treats an array of professional and amateur dancers, athletes, martial artist and entertainers. Since 1994, his chiropractic practice has been geared towards the treatment and prevention of dance and sports injuries.

He also provides healthcare coverage for loci events and productions.

Dr. Giangiulio is a chiropractor whose unique knowledge, skills and backstage experiences has made him an internationally known authority in the fields of Dance Injuries and Youth Sports Injuries.

Awarded Educator

Dr. Giangiulio is a sought after lecturer and consultant to numerous professional dance companies, college dance departments, schools of dance, and summer intensive dance programs as well as club sports and K-12 sports teams.

He is a past member of the faculty at the Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) where he lead courses in physiological therapeutics, rehabilitation and the scientific basis of chiropractic.

He was also a lecturer for the Department of Dance at the University of California, Irvine Campus (UCI) where he taught “Kinesiology for Dance”.

Acclaimed Author

Dr. Giangiulio believes that he can help more athletes and dancers by writing clinically relevant articles that teach healthcare givers, coaches, parents, dance teachers and even dancers on how to prevent and care for injuries.

Below is a list of publications that have published Dr. Giangiulio's articles:

Media Expert - Health & Fitness

Dr. Giangiulio is also a sought after media expert in the fields of health, fitness and dance. He makes himself available for appearances and interviews for show segments, news outlets, magazines and websites.

If you are intereseted in interviewing Dr. Giangiulio, please call

(949) 371-5225

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